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Change local school boundary and allow primary students the same high school

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We are representing our local neighbouring residents in the quest to include the remaining 6 streets of Riverton.

We are requesting the change based on the following:-

Only six street in Riverton are not included in the Rossmoyne high school zone

The original boundary line lay between East and West sides of Duff Road but then extended to include both sides of the street and neglecting others

The primary school catchment is Riverton primary and the feeder high school is Rossmoyne high, thus separating the students from their peers

The home owners are greatly disadvantaged- prospective purchasers are looking in the Riverton area for the high school zone only. Other potential buyers appear to miss looking in Riverton with expectations of a higher price, it seems this eastern section is generally overlooked and as a consequence unable to achieve fair market value.

The south strip along High Road Willetton provides residents with a dual zone opportunity; for children to attend Willetton high school automatically or otherwise Rossmoyne High on the condition that the students attend the final year at Riverton Primary school. Excluding the 6 streets in question seems unreasonable based on this alone.

We understand that Rossmoyne high school’s capacity has been under increasing pressure for many years, Having worked locally for the past 20+ years I have experienced the demand first hand. Some of that pressure relieved by Willetton High schools rising popularity over the past decade and as the preferred school in more recent years (and perhaps since their $40 million upgrade in 2015). That issue isn’t likely to improve in the short term; the homes within the catchment areas are generally 40-50 years old with original homeowners soon leaving the area. When they do sell, the target audience will be large families looking to buy in the school zone only adding to the pressure. Surely the inclusion of six streets will have a minimum effect comparatively.

The streets in question
• Mirrelia Way
• Hibbertia Crescent
• Part of Adenia Road (from corner of Duff to Eastern end)
• Celosia Way
• Part of Hybanthus Road (Western side of Bannister creek)
• Salvia Court


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