Change the School System- Let the kids decide the classes they need.

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Thousands of kids are taking courses that are not going to impact their career in the future, they are more likely to not pay attention and not do the work since its clear to them its not necessary. Also thousands of kids are tired everyday because school is giving them too much to do, without any regard to their outside life. Also a lot of the students begin to stress out about their letter grade at the end of the semester. Something must be wrong with the system that lets the students be defined by a letter grade and someone who never questions the system.

If we can achieve our goal in changing the way school is run, the results would be showed instantly, many students would be better engaged in class, class attendance would increase and also drop out rates would drop. The future of America depends on the students to move on as a society and as a country. They will be the next politicians, doctors, lawyers and engineers. If we don't change anything and comply with the current system, the future will suffer the consequences.

Also teachers need to be making much more money then they currently are, they are the ones who will drive the students to excel in class or possibly fail the class because they feel they aren't getting paid enough to do such an important job.

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