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Establishment of an LGBT+ Committee at Wesley College

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We would like to establish a committee to support and celebrate LGBT+ students at Wesley College. The committee would be QOFA: Queer, Other and Friends Association. This means that there will be a committee to celebrate our diversity between straight and LGBT+ students. 

The purpose of QOFA would be to raise awareness to help others understand issues in the LGBT+ community, to instigate the end of homophobia and transphobia in the Wesley community, and to provide support for students, teachers and their families.

We feel that by starting this committee, we could help diminish the discrimination (referenced in Wesley’s Anti-Harassment Policy) that unfortunately occurs currently. Joining the Safe Schools Coalition would also provide further understanding about how to be a better LGBT+ ally for students and staff at Wesley.

Wesley prides itself on being forward-thinking and accepting of all; the multi-religion chapel affirming this, and we think that by creating a student-led support group and committee, Wesley will take a step in the right direction for supporting and accepting students from the LGBT+ community. We have many races, many religions and many students from all walks of life; and we have students of many sexualities and genders as well, which unfortunately has not been supported in the same way.

The Wesley website states that “Wesley College is a diverse, positive, vibrant community, where new students quickly “feel at home””. We believe that through having a safe space for LGBT+ students, it will ensure that new and existing students feel comfortable to be who they are with their friends, classmates and with their teachers.

QOFA (Queer, Others and Friends Association) would allow anyone to join, students do not have to be exclusively in the LGBT+ community to join! It will welcome to all ages, races, religions, genders and sexualities!

We hope that by starting this petition, we gain awareness and support in moving forward the process of creating a committee. We understand and appreciate the senior school staff who have been tirelessly supporting us and advocating for us to the higher leadership positions, and we recognise the effort it takes in establishing a committee. We’d like to thank everyone who signs and choses to support us in our endeavour to create a safe, all-inclusive environment at our incredibly diverse school!

By signing this petition, you pledge your support in the establishment of an LGBT+ committee at Wesley College St. Kilda Rd. Supporters names will be given to those in leadership at Wesley, along with any supportive comments given. Thank you!

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