stop motorbikes from accessing public walking areas around skeleton creek

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Motorbikes have been banned from accessing skeleton creek walking paths for many years however riders disregard this and are often still using this area, threatening the safety of residents, dogs in off lead areas, causing damage, and generally upsetting residents with their loud unwelcome motors.

The creation of this petition follows multiple close calls with motorbikes nearly hitting myself, my partner, our young daughter, and our dogs while walking in this (supposedly) family friendly area. We have reached the limit of our patience with these nuisances after,  a gang of young motorbike riders known to police were on motorbikes travelling at fast speeds on the footpath in the off lead dog area. They rode toward my partner, one of the individuals narrowly missed her and the pram with my 8 month old daughter inside, and then hit our much loved rescue dog, Dennis, who was walking about 1m ahead of the pram. The young boys fled the scene after the incident leaving my panicked partner with our crying and frightened baby to look for our injured dog who had been so terrified that he had taken off down the creek. The individuals were later spotted returning to the creek where they again were involved in an accident on the same bike that was involved in the incident with our dog. The bike was damaged and abandoned by the young boys who fled on foot. They returned not long after and set it on fire within close proximity to houses and a primary school.

Thankfully Dennis was found 5 hours later, cold, hurt, and very frightened hiding in the water of the creek about 2kms from where the accident occurred. We took him to the vet and he was given the ok to come home, though with bruising and cuts, and he is very traumatised from the event. My partner and I now do not feel that it is safe to access the creek and utilise the facilities that are there for the community to enjoy.  

Since the incident I have been in contact both the Wyndham City Council and Werribee police. However both parties are not doing enough or are unwilling to improve safety and enforce the ban on motorbikes in this area. I believe there needs to be stricter penalties and fines for members caught accessing the creek on motorbikes including confiscation of unregistered vehicles, increased police motorbike patrols, for the police to respond to calls from residents. the individuals involved and others on motorbikes have been menacing this area for quite a long time and are known to police however have not enforced any penalties thus these individual continue to menace the area and need to be stopped for the safety of all residents.

The council also has not taken any action to prevent motorbikes from accessing area, I believe the council could do more to improve safety including the installation of motorcycle bollards, more bollards to block access of motorcycles, better signage stating penalties for unlawful use of motorbikes in the area, and better facilities such as a gated off lead dog area so residents can let there dogs off lead safely. I am calling on the residents of Wyndham to sign the petition so that we can hopefully enact change and stop these delinquents before they seriously hurt someone else or themselves.