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The Indian Siege community has grown somehow in the past few years. We have witnessed a huge increase in the number of players and a lot of talented players have also surfaced. India's love for Rainbow Six Siege is fairly certain but we cannot enjoy the game's competitiveness to it's fullest due to the uncomfortable ping rate we get. There are many people in India who don't even play Siege due to the high ping rates and Ubisoft's ignorance for the Indian community. 

Dear Ubisoft, the Indian Siege community really wants India servers so that we can enjoy the competitiveness of your game at its maximum potential. We have been demanding this since the game came out on multiple forums such as Reddit, Facebook, etc. but we still haven't gotten a response from your end. We ask one thing from you, please set up Siege servers in India and we will make your game thrive in here.Please Ubisoft and behalf of R6 developers we all R6 Indian players wants this Please do that for R6 Indian Community please give is a dedicated Indian Server. We are waiting for your Respond.