Graffiti that’s Great for All - Royal Victoria Park. Include the youth - make it better!

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We love going to Victoria Park, and today my boys wanted to take their skateboards 10yrs and 5yrs. Whilst we were there, I watched some children spray painting the skatepark. It’s a vast area and I’m sure the parks department must have to come often to remove certain art works!?! 

I would like to, with your help, ask the council parks department to organise a community project, where all the skatepark community are invited to be a part of a large scale Grafitii art display somewhere in the skatepark. I have spoken to a few parents who have said a small skatepark for the little ones in the play area of the park would also be beneficial to the young and older children. I have spoken to some people using the skatepark and feel that by including the skating community they would in return,  show more respect for the area and look after it better.