Protect the Welsh countryside. NO to chicken factory, pollution and endless traffic.

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In a valley in Mid-Wales, near Shropshire, is the vibrant town of Welshpool, fondly referred to as "the gateway to Wales", and an area of countryside that is extremely precious to both locals and visitors. Admired for its stunning location, landscape views, public footpaths such as Glyndwrs Way, pristine streams, ponds teaming with protected wildlife such as Great Crested Newts, a rare butterfly and abundant birdlife, bats, otters, badgers, foxes, the area is enjoyed by everyone from farmers, residents, ramblers and dog walkers to tourists and visitors. 

It is here, at Frochas Farm, in this beautiful valley, that an application is under consideration by Powys County Council, for Frochas Farm to build a 7,200sqm major industrial development, intensive poultry unit (IPU), which could turn out over 1 million broiler chickens for meat per year.

The site would be less than one mile from the centre of Welshpool and the high street. One mile from Powis Castle, 300 metres from Llanerchydol Hall (a Grade II* hall with historical gardens and park). 500m from Glyndwr's Way, a national walking trail. About 250m from Dingle Nurseries & Garden, a RHS listed garden, which attracts many visitors.

The pollution and impact from this factory would threaten all of this.

Please help stop the building of this industrial size chicken factory and submit your objection to Planning Services
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We will be submitting this petition to the council, but we desperately need your objection on the Planning Services website, linked above, as that is where your "vote" objection matters most. 

Each individual member of a household or business may submit an objection – this is strongly recommended. People may share the same email address. 

Obviously, the more objections the council receives the bigger the consideration for the planning officer, Ms Tamsin Law. We encourage you to share this information with your friends, family and colleagues who are also entitled to object. 

Welshpool is home to a number of tourist attractions such as the historic and impressive Powis Castle, part of the National Trust, the heritage railway steam train, a thriving high street, Montgomery Canal (which is a site of specific scientific interest) and Welshpool golf club. This industrial size chicken factory could seriously jeopardise tourism to the town and turn shoppers away.  

To read more information about the impact of IPU's click here. 

Poultry dust and gas levels are usually highest in winter. Read the Quick Guide to Poultry Dust from Health & Safety Executive

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales has been very active in raising awareness on a government level about the long term effects of IPUs in Wales on the environment. Further information can be found; CPRW Stats, Data & Maps

"IPUs pose a very real threat to the county’s landscapes, ecosystems and to the tourist industry. We will continue to campaign for appropriate support to be offered to farmers to ensure the future of the county’s small farms," quote from CPRW Brecon & Radnor website. 

For more information about IPUs (intensive poultry unit) and broilers please go to Compassion in World Farming

We would like to thank all of you that have signed this petition so far, it is very motivating to see just how many people don't want this industrial site in the middle of such beautiful countryside and Welsh valley.