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Equal opportunities for all Gymnasts- Competitions on Saturdays!

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My daughter is 6 years old who has a strong passion for gymnastics. She is naturally gifted and works hard in training. She has been chosen to represent her gym and work toward winning competitions in Artistic Gymnastic. We are really  proud of her and she beams with the excitement and possibility of competing.

We are Christians, which means we believe that Sunday is a holy day. We set it aside from other days of the week, giving up, just for the day, any usual activities that we would take part in. This includes watching TV, cinema, swimming, shopping, sports, working etc. We believe that dedicating this day to Heavenly Father, spending simple, quality time together will bring us closer to each other and to Him. This is a fundamental part of our lives. It is a part of week that keeps us knit together as one. 

Our daughter, who is more than capable of competing in Gymnastics Competitions is currently unable to do so because most of them are on Sundays, it is rare that they are on Saturdays. It is not only us, I know too many families who have been faced with this dilemma. 

Some people may be reading this wondering what the big deal is, others may be thinking that we are holding her back but I hope that can take a moment to think and understand that this is a part of us and so many all over the world. That to set aside a day in honour of another and for valuable time together as a family should be protected, not torn down. 

British/Welsh Gymnastics both write of 'Equality for All' and 'No discrimination' but I see no evidence of that when we are told our children can not take part because 'Competitions are on Sundays and that's just the way it is'.

We have 2 choices; 1. Stop keeping our Sabbath Day holy and let her compete 2. Keep our day holy and our daughter works to a lower level than her potential.

Welsh Gymnastics, if this was your child, what would you do? 

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