UK - Make it illegal to hit & run CATS

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Recently I have lost my cat, he was hit by a car and the driver drove off. WHY IS THIS ALLOWED? This absolutely devastating experience of losing a family pet has inspired me to want to make a change. My aim here is of course to make a change in the eyes of the law, however we can also raise awareness so that people can be confident of how they could responsibly act in a situation to either save the cat's life or decrease the suffering of the family. 

In my situation luckily enough, my neighbour came and told me the shocking news and so I was able to recover the body. I was able to hold him, say my goodbyes and then put him to rest. If not for my neighbour, I may not have known about the incident until the next day...maybe longer??? What if a child was the one to of found the family pet? What if the cat was not found for weeks and there was no closure? What if the cat was not found for a long period of time and was found in an unpleasant state?

I understand it is hard for the person who hit the cat however they should be responsible for raising awareness that the animal is injured or deceased to prevent the larger trauma to the cat's owner/family. These are considerations that could be prevented if we encourage people who are responsible to be responsible in bringing the injured or deceased cat to alert i.e by contacting the police, RSPCA or other animal organisations including vets like they would if it was a dog.

Did you know if you hit a dog with your vehicle and drove off it is against the law, but for a cat it is not? This is because dogs are covered in the The Road Traffic Act 1988. Therefore, since cats are also beloved pets of people's families they should be equally covered by the The Road Traffic Act 1988. Cats are also beloved members of the family so they should be treated accordingly and there should be an update to the law.


Do you agree with me?

If so then lets make a change and make it equal rights for cats.

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