Provide Ketogenic Services in Wales

Provide Ketogenic Services in Wales

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Emily Wheatley
Emily Wheatley signed this petition

Ella, my 5 year old daughter, has GLUT1-a rare neurological condition which prevents glucose reaching her brain. The symptoms for Ella include seizures, ataxia, learning delays and she has stopped breathing many times, with mouth to mouth required on one occasion when she was only 7 weeks old.  Ella is not the only GLUT1 patient in Wales.

The only treatment for Ella, and all others with GLUT1, is the ketogenic diet. This high fat, low protein and low carb diet is extremely strict but the impact on Ella’s health is staggering. The ketogenic diet doesn’t just help patients with GLUT1.  Many epilepsy patients have seen their seizures cease on the diet.  Those same patients often saw no improvement using standard ‘first line’ medications. 

Wales is the only country within the UK without support for this incredible and natural treatment for epilepsy.  Wales is failing my daughter and others in need of the support a dietitian in Wales could offer. 

A wonderful charity, Daisy Garland, have offered to fund a dietitian in Wales for at least a year, yet the Welsh Assembly have refused to accept that offer. 

Please help me to help my daughter who deserves a chance at a happy and successful life. Please help me to help others in the same situation.  We need the Welsh Assembly to know that we have the support! 

Thank you.