Fix The System, Child Support and Black Fathers

Fix The System, Child Support and Black Fathers

January 5, 2021
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President Donald J. Trump
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Started by Tyrone Suggs
  • Instead of bringing the Father down, I think we should have programs to help the Father take care of his kids if he's on child support.
  • Not every guy is on child support because he is a bad father. Most are on it because the mother DEPENDS on the GOVERNMENT!
  • I agree there are some WHO  DO DESERVE the punishment that comes from this system but definitely NOT ALL. NOT CLOSE!
  • Think about it, they offer to put the father on child support just for the mom to get an ultrasound during pregnancy or she has to pay for it herself. Medicaid, foodstamps, etc, are offered in this package deal basically if the mother puts the Father on child support, which can be DENIED, but they are basically being FORCED to cooperate.
  • The Father gets slammed with BACK PAY and Immediately he is in debt. Even if he doesnt have a job at the time and has been looking, he still gets hit with back pay. 
  • They are pretty much promoting it in order for the mother to get things they need for the child. There are actually moms that doesn't want the father on child support BUT to get some of the assistance that is needed they are forced to do so! 
  • The system is broken and it's a trap to keep the Father out the household or behind the 8ball his whole life. FIRST thing they do is SUSPEND your license. How is that helping at all? Then guess what? Now you have to PAY MORE MONEY to get your license back, MORE DEBT!
  • THIS SYSTEM'S A JOKE, and so are we If we continue to let them SLAUGHTER us to this system. 
  •  We have rights ALSO and are human beings. This system is not only setup for "deadbeat" fathers. Its a setup for government seeking women that's been brainwashed to feel like they dont need the father around. 
  • I feel we should come up with a way that HELPS the Father also while helping the mom and kids.
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Signatures: 115Next Goal: 200
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