No more bonfires become more Green

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Yesterday evening my Girlfriend saw lots of smoke  in her living room so she decided to call the fire brigade but then she realised it was next door having a bonfire he was burning plastic & wood the toxic fumes made my girlfriend have a bad headache and made her feel as if she was going to pass out. Local councils need to put a stop to people having bonfires in communal properties. As this is a health risk we should become more greener and put a stop to two people having bonfires in this Stone Age there's no excuse for recycling. Local communities and local councils should come together to put a stop to this bonfire problem. Garden time you should have a bonfire is when is Guy Fawkes night. The situation could have been worse & my girlfriend could have died by breathing in plastic toxic fumes. Stricter rules need to be a place when having a bonfire in your garden. It was just a good job my girlfriend didn't go to sleep otherwise she might have died because all the smoke was going into the window. Please help me and stop this Madness