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“My Dad used to beat me because I was bi-sexual and I have had a lot more female partners than male partners and my Dad didn’t accept that”

“(My family) treated it like it was a mental illness: ‘You can get help for this’, ‘You can be cured’. It was definitely one of the main reasons why I did become homeless.”

It's 2019 and yet LGBTQ+ young people are four times more likely to become homeless than their heterosexual peers.

Together we can change that. Together we can end LGBTQ+ youth homelessness.

A report by End Youth Homelessness Cymru, Out on the Streets, highlights the often horrifying experiences of young LGBTQ+ people and calls on Welsh Government, local authorities and service providers to take a series of actions which can help us to end homelessness for LGBTQ+ young people in Wales. 

The report's recommendations include:

  • LGBTQ+ specific supported accommodation where young LGBTQ+ people who have been made homeless can feel safe.
  • Ensuring that community groups for LGBTQ+ young people are supported and funded so that young LGBTQ+ people have safe spaces to be themselves and access support.
  • Training for everyone working with and supporting young LGBTQ+ people who are homeless, ensuring all support is empathetic and trauma-informed. 
  • More preventative support, including projects which identify all young people who are at risk of becoming homeless, including LGBTQ+ young people who may need additional support, to reduce the numbers of young LGBTQ+ people who become homeless. 

By signing this petition, you can show your support for making Wales a country that will no longer tolerate young people becoming homeless simply because they are LGBTQ+.  

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