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Lexi's vital test for newborns

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In March 2013 we sadly lost our baby girl Lexi at just 3 months old. She sadly had a very rare heart defect which went undetected at birth. When we took our Lexi home we believed she was a healthy baby but on the 23rd of March she died in her sleep. Lexi had TAPVD, Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage. I really don't want other families to experience the pain and heartache our family has been through. I have learnt that a simple test can be done on newborns that can check for heart defects. It is painless and only takes a few minutes. The Pulse Oximetry test checks the levels of oxygen in the baby's blood. Low levels of oxygen can be a sign of a critical heart defect. It breaks my heart knowing that this very simple test could have saved Lexi's life. Why is this not a standard test for all newborns? The machine used for this test is already in the hospitals, the Pulse Oximeter. So hospitals would not have to spend money on equipment, just the time of the person carrying out the test. In my eyes this is a test well worth someone's time. So, this petition is to get the Pulse Oximetry test a standard test for all babies born in Wales before leaving the hospital. Please show your support and sign this petition for Lexi and let's stop babies with heart defects going undetected.

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