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For the law to be changed concerning bullying

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Our beautiful daughter Nyah tragically took her own life after being relentlessly bullied in and out of school. I found my girl laying dead in her bed. 

It was a Monday morning when I went to call Nyah for school. I knocked on her door but no reply so opened the door and she was laying on tips of her covers phone in hand. I called her again. Nothing.  So I approached her and grabbed her phone thinking she was playing with me and knew that if I grabbed her phone she would soon move.  But she lay still. I then saw her tips of her fingers were blue so pulled her on to her back and see her lips were blue.  I then knew she wasn't breathing. I screamed for my wife Sue and started cpr.  Paramedics came and worked tirelessly to try and get her back. I knew she had gone though. Too many parents are going through this themselves right now and what are the repercussions for the ones who drive them to this? None.  The police don't know what to do because there is no law stating a child can be dealt with in a court of law yet it was done with Jamie Bulger. 

Too many of our children are taking their own lives because they are being bullied and not enough is done to stop it. When it is found that bullying was the reason the child killed themselves what are the repercussions for the bullies? There is none. Regardless of age there has to be consequences for this as it has become an epidemic.
We demand that the government address bullying and take the issue more seriously by bringing in laws and guidelines to protect those being bullied and punish those who bully. The parents of the younger age group of bullies should also be held responsible for their child's actions. Bullying is becoming a way of life and there are no hard and fixed rules in dealing with this issue. We have to stop accepting it and start taking more effective measurements for those responsible.

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