End compulsory Welsh Bac at KS5

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Make the Welsh Bac optional at A-Level.

Forcing students to study the Welsh Bac alongside their chosen A-Levels creates a resentment of the subject, alongside annoyed students and teachers.

On top of this, it is essentially the same as the Welsh Bac at GCSE, but with longer word-counts. Are we really developing a new broad skillset by being forced to study the Welsh Bac again alongside any A-Levels we have chosen to pursue? We have already benefited from developing the skills at the forefront of the Welsh Bac at KS4. 

If Welsh Bac were optional to those undertaking A-Levels, then A-Level results could improve. We could have more time to focus on the subjects we want to pursue, rather than using up our precious time underperforming in a subject we do not perhaps want to study. At 16 we are seen as mature enough to choose our own curriculum. Therefore, surely, at 16, we are mature enough to decide, as individuals, whether or not we would benefit from studying the Welsh Bac.

I am not calling for the Welsh Bac to be abolished - for some it has made the difference between getting into university or not, whereas some genuinely enjoy the subject. For those who have the time, it is useful to have an extra qualification on your CV. 

But for many, especially those taking more than 3 A-Levels, the Welsh Bac is a massive burden. It does not add much for those applying to some of the top universities who don't even accept the qualification, and means we are aiming for quantity rather than quality. If Welsh students are to compete amongst the world's best students, then surely we must focus on quality too.

The reasonable answer is for the Welsh Bac to be optional if you are studying 3 or more A-Levels, making a win-win situation for the most competitive Welsh university applicants.

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