Dinas Powys Bypass needed to stop air pollution

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We have lived in this so called village for the last 15 years. Traffic has become a huge problem for all residents in the area. Vale of Glamorgan have approved an extra 215 houses without any further infrastructure. Another 50 houses are also to be added in Dinas Powys again with no consideration or infrastructure for the residents. We simply cannot walk as the fumes cause our asthmatic son to have breathing difficulties and coughing fits. You can actually taste the fumes on the main road. The traffic is horrendous and makes any short journey a chore to finally get home.  We have previously written to Carwyn Jones but received a generic response, further questions were asked and we were simply ignored. They state that VOG Council have not asked for funding. The buck seems to be passed between VOG Council and Welsh Assembly.

Upon checking the air quality, we appear to have been in Amber zones just this month.

A biomass incinerator has just been approved and currently in commission. Lorries have been informed to not travel through Dinas Powys and to drive up to Culverhouse Cross and Port Road. This will not happen as the journey will take longer. This will also be detrimental to us as a village. A further incinerator has been added to Cardiff Bay. This sandwiches us between both incinerators. 

A survey of the area has already been completed. At this meeting, our children were asked if they cycle?? Dinas Powys is not safe to ride a bike!! Quite laughable really. This is so desperately needed. Stop ignoring and passing the buck. This is needed for our health and it's needed now!!