British Towns And High Streets Being Let Down By Local Auhorities And The Government

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Our high streets and towns are dying a death!!

Business rates are far to high, parking fees and the government and local authorities are doing nothing to help.

I own a small hairdressing business in a small market town in Flint North Wales, for years I’ve tried to lower business rates for small local business and I did have success last year for the high street and a drop in rates.

Local parking charges have now come into force in the town and this is proving a massive problem. The Flint Retail Park is private land so parking is free and rates are lower for those businesses on there.

Church street is £200 per m2/unit and Flint retail park is between £110 and £180 per m2/unit. Sainsbury’s being just £150 per m2/unit. 

So the question is to the local authority’s and government is why??????

You are destroying towns and high streets across the country.

I can understand you are also a business and need to make money, but why make it of small businesses that have been the heart of most community’s for years.

Family run businesses handed down through generations disappearing.
Self employed shop owners struggling to keep their heads above water.

I can’t believe that this is being over looked by the government, but it’s a constant conversation in my salon and surrounding shops.

14 high street shops a day close in Britain.

We need to protect our future and our children’s, looking after towns and high streets to me is important for communities to grow and thrive.