bring back the nit nurse or change the schools nit policy

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We need the nit nurse back or a change in schools policy

We are stuck in a vicious circle treating hair , endless nit combing, one week  free from nits go back to school catch nits again then back to treating the hair endless combing and round and round in circles we go .

This isn't fair on the children who keep on catching the nits, they have to go through endless amount of combing and using lotions  only to go through it again one week later.  its not fair on the families that do treat there child's hair and surely cant be good to use chemicals so often .

We have used preventions tea tree oil, lavender oil endless amount of lotions and children still catching them but our schools says not much they can do they have sent letters out.

We know there's some parents who wont check there child's hair so if they haven't been treated maybe then this new policy will give schools more power than just sending a letter out.

We need something to change either bring back the nit nurse or change schools policy, when there's  epidemic of nits maybe every child in school on 1st day of following month gets treated  (prepare and educate  all parents with advice and information) as well as treating there child again 7 days later and then nit comb hair every few days this is with every child in school and maybe this will bring down the numbers of children with nits, we need every child and parent involved  or bring back the nit nurse who can check through the children's hair and deal with the situation.

Surely this has got to be in the best interest of our children instead of using chemicals on a weekly basis and being stuck in this nit circle

Our children deserve to be happy and nit free not stuck in this circle of scratching heads ,endless combing and products being put into there hair constantly.

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