Reinstate Covid-19 testing immediately

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We the undersigned demand that you reinstate Covid-19 testing for the protection of the residents of Wales, the economy of Wales, to protect the essential care sector and to protect small businesses who may not survive this situation.

We demand that you tell us the TRUTH, we want exact figures of those diagnosed, those who have recovered and those who have passed away.

It is negligence to deny people a test which can diagnose this serious virus. 

How many people will spread it unwittingly?
How many employers will accept and pay sick pay for those unwell and choosing to self isolate? Forcing many to go to work and therefore spread it further.
How many will chose self isolation unnecessarily and therefore possibly leaving a shortfall in staffing which will have a knock on effect to the economy, care sector and small businesses.
Ignorance is not bliss, we NEED TO KNOW how many cases we have.
It is irresponsible to withhold true figures of those infected.
We need true updates on numbers who have fully recovered and those not so lucky.
We need to be made aware of any school, college or university with a confirmed case so we as parents can decide if we want to risk sending our children.