Wells Fargo: Stop foreclosure on our dead fathers home

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Our father had a massive heart attack in 2008 and we thought we would have lost him at that time but he survived. Our dad was the main breadwinner in our household. As he suffered a major health setback, so did we financially. Throughout this time he made frequent visits to the hospital which made it difficult for him to maintain a job. Therefore it was also difficult to cover household bills, as well as medical expenses. Another unexpected event occurred in 2010 when our tenant intentionally set our house on fire, which forced us out of our own home. The fire and the stress of the event truly set our dads health back severely. He required many stents, a pacemaker, and a lvad machine to help his heart function. As all of these medical treatments were short term, our father still made multiple visits to the hospital. The only secure option we had to sustain his life was a heart transplant, his body accepted the heart but sadly the heart itself was not good and caused our father to pass away a week after receiving.

 Since the start of our father's illness in 2008 we have tried to get a loan modification. But we keep getting denied, saying we are missing documents, or either have to redo paperwork. This has been the ongoing cycle for the past several years. We have spent hours on the phone speaking with customer service representatives who won’t provide us with any information. All they can tell us is that they have received our documents and they are “reviewing” it. Despite repeated calls, letters, and faxes, they still won't tell us how to save the house. After multiple failed attempts of trying to achieve a loan modification, we opted for a short sale instead. Of course, this option was also denied multiple times. With responses saying that we either have insufficient paperwork, or they are moving forwards with the foreclosure process. We had multiple buyers interested in the house for a short sale but because of Wells Fargo constant need for us to resubmit paperwork all the time, we have lost all such opportunities.  Wells Fargo won’t even talk to us and last we heard the house is in foreclosure since Feb 20th, we were never alerted. The numerous amount of times we called to ask if they received the documents for a loan modification not once did they say the house was already in foreclosure. All they keep saying is we are missing documents or submitted late, we have proof of submitting all the needed documents.

 Despite our best efforts Wells Fargo is still trying to foreclose on our house and we have nowhere to go. Now they are planning on auctioning the house. I urge you to make any modifications needed to the loan and allow us to continue our lives in our home of 17 years. This modification is easy to make - and will make a big difference for our family in need. If you can't do that then at least grant a short sale.

We have always worked hard and paid our taxes. I'm asking you, and the other big lenders, to do the same. We would like to appeal to Wells Fargo and ask for a loan modification again. We have nowhere to go. We are one of the thousands of families who have already lost their home or are at risk of foreclosure.