Wells Fargo Refuses To Payout My Deceased Mom's Savings

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My Mother passed away on April 13, 2018. She had Savings of about $40,000 in Wells Fargo. Today is June 18, 2018 ~ that is 61 days ago. Being the sole survivor and Administratrix of her estate I have paid all her known debts.  I have also notified Wells Fargo and supplied them with all the required documentation they required before they'd send me the savings.

I have contacted Wells Fargo close to 20 times and please believe me they transfer me to different extensions each time. After many unkept promises to phone me the next day, they then claimed that they haven't received the documents. When they said that I asked for that person's Fax # and immediately faxed all the documents again. 

So having lost my Dad, Brother & Sister at a young age and now my Mom at 84 years I am left with an unfair, unkind run around by the Bank that claims to be the largest. Wells Fargo does not need my Mom's Savings ~ I do. Attempts to get their Corporate Officers involved has been unsuccessful.

Please support my Petition and tell Wells Fargo enough is enough. In fact it is too much. They need to disburse the funds post haste. Your signature will help my heavy heart and hopefully Wells Fargo will be ashamed and do the right thing.

Rich Blessings
P. Smith

For those who want in-depth details:

(1)  My son and I went to an attorney who prepared the exact Court
paper work required by Law. Then it was signed, notarized and given to
the Court where a judge signed it right in our presence.

(2) Then we attempted to present it to a large local WF branch. They refused to look at it and gave contact info to the WF department to which it must go. It was 2,000 miles from we had to deal by mail, phone & or fax.

(3) In spite of also filing all WF's required additional paperwork they have given us a
total run around. Multiple phone calls, claims they never received her docs, faxed second complete set of docs, broken promises, and more runaround.

(4) WF is an international bank - and remember they were in a pickle with the Justice Department for setting up millions of fake accounts. This just shows they wilfully ignore the law by their unethical non-help for account holders or inheritors.


Peggy Smith




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