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Wells Fargo own up to the fraud......

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The foreclosure on my home at 6935 Pinecrest Ave, McLean, VA was done in the name of Bank of America as the investor.   But in February 2015,  I received a letter from Bank of America stating they have no record of my property.  I cannot get an honest answer from Wells Fargo, the servicer and they are trying to bully me into silence.

In 2009, Wells Fargo forced me to sign false documents for a loan modification. Wells Fargo is the servicer not the investor but all the documents including the Truth in Lending forms were done in the name of Wells Fargo.  They must be done in the name of the actual investor to be valid contracts.   Therefore, the documents are not valid contracts.  They did this on my primary residence as well as my rental property.   On one house they increased the payment by almost $1,200 per month with these false documents.

The payments on the primary residence were current when, after two years of abuse by Wells Fargo (I was subjected to dual track torture while I tried to get a revised loan mod on the rental property),  they foreclosed on the rental property anyway.  It was only then that I became so ill and was bedridden as a direct result of the abuse by Wells Fargo, that the payments for the primary residence fell behind, so they foreclosed on it too.

Wells Fargo stole from me just like a thug on the street would.   They beat me up,  then stole my property.

I have been trying to get this resolved in the courts.  I has been appealed to the Federal court 4th Circuit.

It is stolen property because they have acquired it by using false documents and fraud.  It's in writing, recorded in the land records and documented.

WARNING to  anyone who did a loan modification with Wells Fargo that their loan mod documents may be false and invalid contracts. (Based on the numbers from the Wells Fargo annual report, I conservatively estimate Wells Fargo may have created over 200,000 false loan modifications).  This is bigger than robo-signing and much more serious because in many cases the false documents were recorded in the court land records.

Please sign this petition and pass it on to anyone who did a loan modification with Wells Fargo.  They need to be warned.  They should seek legal advice and file a complaint with the CFPB. (federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)




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