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My late husband Geoffrey and I  bought our retirement condo in 1997. Now a widow on disability, I did well with the mortgage for years before being suckered into a bad loan. Too late, I tried to refinance it. Over and over, the bank refused to provide a refinance option, even though my credit rating was in the high 800s. The big banks say their goal is to keep people in their homes, but my experience with Wells Fargo tells me exactly the opposite.

Wells Fargo has shuffled me from one "foreclosure prevention specialist" to another, with each one asking for the same information I'd submitted to the previous one. They told me I hadn't submitted paperwork I know I'd given them time and time again.

They kept me tied up in an endless loan modification process for months, even as they initiated steps to take my home away. At the very last moment, they denied my modification and took steps to auction my home off to the highest bidder.

Thankfully, Congresswoman Lois Capps stepped in to make sure I had enough time to mail in a reinstatement check. I've managed to save my home from the auction block for the time being, but I'm nowhere near out of the woods yet. The simple fact is that this won't be sustainable unless Wells Fargo grants me a reasonable modification.

The so-called “loan modification” people at Wells Fargo have me limp as a rabbit in a wildcat’s mouth, shaking out my strength, savings, time, and resolve, while their foreclosure attorneys declare another victory for the one percent.

It's my hope that the 99% will stand with me, and help me to save my home.


Letter to
Spokesperson, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Vickee Adams
President of the United States
U.S. Senate
and 7 others
U.S. House of Representatives
Head of Corporate Media Communications, Wells Fargo Mary Eshet
EVP, Director of Corporate Communications Oscar Suris
Senior Executive Vice President, Consumer Lending Avid Modjtabai
CEO, Wells Fargo John Stumpf
General Counsel James Strother
California Governor
Dear Wells Fargo,

I was outraged to learn of your treatment of Maria Eyles as she sought a loan modification. Your behavior is unconscionable, and I demand that you immediately grant Maria Eyles a single point of contact, a hold on any imminent foreclosure proceedings, and a permanent loan modification that will enable her to remain in her Pismo Beach, CA home.

Banks like yours have been granted millions of dollars by the federal government to keep your doors open. At a minimum, you have an obligation to treat the taxpayers who funded your bailout with dignity and respect. More than that, you should be acting out of a primary concern to keep homeowners in their homes.

Your actions toward Ms. Eyles -- a disabled widow -- betray your true intentions. I'm calling on you to do everything in your power to keep Ms. Eyles in her home and treat her with the respect she deserves.


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