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Tell Wells Fargo & Freddie Mac to honor the loan modification.

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My name is Margaret Butcher, but call me “Peggy” I was one of those early homeowners solicited into a loan modification in NOV of 2008. Like many, I was not in default at the time I was lured. I had called Wells Fargo to make a single payment my ex-husband had failed to make in order to avoid a late fee. My husband of 28 years had left without warning while I was undergoing extensive breast cancer tests. Wells Fargo delayed pre-approval for 135 days and then filed on that 135 day default for “Non receipt of paperwork” even with over 350 contacts by Fax, email, Ups/Overnight, and phone calls. I even had the local Wells Fargo branch Managers fax my information directly to Wells Fargo and confirm receipt, but afterwards Wells Fargo would still deny receiving it, just as they did with so many other homeowners’ paperwork.
After three completed pre-approved HAMP Trial Periods of three months each and during a forth HAMP trial application, my home was “sold” at auction on MAY 16th 2011 to Freddie Mac by “credit bid” for far less than what they said I owed. Freddie Mac served me with eviction papers shortly afterwards.
But before Wells Fargo filed default, they pressured me into clearing the title to my home for foreclosure while telling me these things they wanted were “HAMP Requirements” After being freed from an abusive controlling marriage Wells Fargo knowingly placed me back in a vulnerable position that exposed me to more continual abuse in order get me to clear title for takeover. Wells Fargo demanded that I go back to court and amend my divorce decree to obtain Judicial Decree removing my ex husband from the title of my home. But that was still not enough. Wells Fargo then demanded I get a Quit Title signed from my ex husband also. I did all that they demanded in the name of “HAMP Requirements”
By some miracle I’m still in my home and trying to stand my ground. I have been fighting Freddie Mac’s eviction by myself in court and I now have a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent Freddie Mac from removing me from my home until my case is heard on Appeal, but the magistrate judge didn’t sign off on his order for eviction, seven months earlier. This means Freddie Mac can have the sheriff evict me from my home at anytime, even though I already have a TRO to stop them.
I go back to court on September 13. Please sign my petition, because this kind of abuse by Freddie Mac and Wells Fargo must end. Stand with me to take back our courts for justice in stopping the abuse of our courts for profit by the banks.
Help me and other homeowners tell the courts that this is unjust today.

It is not the carcasses of the buffalo
Dead, rotting in the sun.
With their tongues and hides striped for sport and profit
That stain our ground blood red.
Now, it is distressed neighborhoods with empty homes and displaced families Which blight our land.
Not unlike the abuses and excess of the past which left the land’s inhabitants
My lineage...
Homeless and displaced.
Now, today, corporate banks in bed with foreclosure mills
Strip and gut what they were entrusted to conserve.
While politicians and judges turn their back and look the other way...
How ironic it is to see a stage coach on the letters I receive.

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