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Wells Fargo continues to foreclose,many home owners who qualified for mortgage modification have been denied and foreclosed upon. Months of sending and resending financial informations, promises to soon receive a package with the workout terms..... lies, all lies. While we wait for our "new loan" Wells fargo is working on foreclosure process don't wait for the "package" it will never come. The doorbell will ring but is not the postman....Like a fool I believe them don't make the same mistake

Letter to
30 E Broad St 14th Floor Columbus OH 43215 Mike DeWine Ohio Attorney General
Prevent Wells Fargo from draining people's savings with false promises of Mortgage Modification Wells Fargo fully intends to foreclose regardless of whether or not one qualifies for modification but first they suck you dry. Many home owners made timely modified payments only to have their home stolen from them and sold at auction. What happened to " interest reduction and extension of terms"? This bank took the "bail out" and purchased Wachovia What...!? If a Mortgage was backed by a Government agency, the chances of a MOD are unlikely. This bank will have little or no incentive to modify, more profitable to sell the home and go after the Guarantor to collect. Liars and thieves Please if you live in Ohio or anywhere in the Country sign this petition and get the attention of those in power .....I can do it alone but...

Patricia Hall

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