Petition update

As if Wells Fargo couldn't get any lower!

Linda Rife
Tustin, CA

Oct 30, 2012 — An unbelievable development this morning! As we we're preparing to help Niko go to her home today to retrieve her medical equipment, we were notified that Atlantic Pacific the people acting on Wells Fargo's behalf in this matter have once again reneged on their offer to allow Niko back in her home to gather her much needed medical equipment! Not only is this illegal but his goes beyond outrage and belief! They have continued to do this throughout the process and are now putting Niko's fragile life in even more danger! Please FRIENDS, FAMILY, SUPPORTERS, get the word out about Atlantic Pacific and Well's Fargo's egridious behaviors! We need to turn up the heat people, call write email get as much outrage out to these people out as possible! WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS UNBELIEVABLE AND CHILLING!


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