Wells Fargo costs Minneapolis Public Schools $28 million

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We're presenting your petitions signature tomorrow

Friends - Last month, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) made a presentation to the Minneapolis Public Schools asking them to move their money from Wells Fargo to a community bank that invests in our neighborhoods, instead of foreclosing on our homes. Although we got a supportive response, we knew we needed to keep up the pressure to make sure they actually follow through. That's why we invited you to show your support through out petition on change.org. Thanks to you and over 11,000 others who responded to our call, we now have a tangible way to show the school board that the community is standing with us in our fight for economic justice. Tomorrow evening at 5:30, we're presenting your petition signatures at the board meeting. You can help make that presentation stronger by taking a moment to share this petition with a friend or two (or twenty!) and asking them to add their names right now by going to our website. Thanks, Steve Fletcher NOC Executive Director

Steve Fletcher
9 years ago