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Stop Wells Fargo and other crooked banks from getting away with opening FAKE accounts

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     No one should have to worry about their own bank stealing their identity and opening up new “fake” accounts without their consent. But if they do, you should be able to hold them accountable and fight back, in a court of law.

      When I was 21, I was a freshman in a community college in Bakersfield, California. My family warned me about the pitfalls of using credit. So when I opened up a checking account at the Wells Fargo on campus, I told them I did not want a credit card. But the bank opened up a credit card account anyway, without my permission, and without my signature.

     When I received a credit card in the mail, I was shocked. I called the bank and told them to close the account. Then I destroyed the credit card. Wells Fargo refused to close the account, but they told me that if I never used the card, it should be fine. What they didn’t tell me was that every time I used a debit card, any extra charges and fees were automatically charged to the credit card account. Then the bank added interest and penalties on top of the fees. Over the years, it came to around $1300. All without my permission, and despite the fact I never used the card.

    Making matters worse, Wells Fargo reported the unpaid charges to credit reporting agencies, ruining my credit. So when I bought a car, I had to pay a very high interest rate for the car loan. Each time I moved, I had to pay extra in advance deposits for utilities. Now that I am married, and working as an officer in a police department, I am experiencing trouble qualifying for a home mortgage, all because of Wells Fargo opening up an account I didn’t even want.

     Wells Fargo has finally admitted that it forced its employees to engage in illegal activity and open up fake accounts, stealing their customers’ personal information and sometimes forging their signatures. They did this to over 3 million customers, like me. But they still refuse to clear up my credit, or to allow their victims to take them to court.

     Instead, Wells Fargo is trying to wear down their victims and keep them hostage to a rigged system of “arbitration,” where Wells Fargo almost always wins.

     This is wrong. It’s also Un-American. Our Constitution guarantees us the right, as American citizens, to haul crooked banks like Wells Fargo in front of a judge or jury, where we can get justice. That is a fundamental right, that serves to deter companies from engaging in widespread fraud and identity theft.

     Please join me in urging Wells Fargo to stop denying its victims their Constitutional rights, and allow us to get finally get justice.


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