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Be inclusive, not dismissive of the Arts Community

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Wells Fargo has recently promoted an ad for "Teen Day" on September 17th that is incredibly harmful and disparaging to the Arts Community.  The ads proclaim: "A ballerina yesterday.  An engineer today," with an image of a young woman and "An actor yesterday.  A botanist today."  Accompanying both photos is the sentence: "Let's get them ready for tomorrow."

Millions of people are employed by the Arts - as singers, actors, dancers, performers, photographers, writers, instrumentalists, and musicians.  The often unsung heroes - the stage and technical crews, production and artistic designers, teachers, trainers, coaches, accompanists, copy writers, film and recording editors, marking and PR staff, research and development are crucial to the arts and boundless in number.

We are all "ready for tomorrow," Wells Fargo, because we are the today and have already been the yesterday.  

As a community, we are asking you to think about why you would run such a dismissive and false advertisement.  To dismiss a career in the Arts is to dismiss millions of hard working people and even more millions of patrons who enjoy the work we produce every single day.  As an organization who has provided grants and has a history of supporting the Arts, we are confused why you decided to create these ads.

Consequently, we are asking you to re-adjust your campaign to be inclusive and not dismissive of the arts community.


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