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Petitioning WELLS FARGO and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. - a.k.a.- FREDDIE MAC

Don’t kick me out of my home, honor loan mod they said they would.


                        I FILED AN APPEAL, BUT EVEN IF I WIN - I LOSE


It’s not the carcasses of dead buffalo rotting in the sun, with their tongues ripped out and hides striped for sport and profit, which stain our ground... but distressed neighborhoods with empty homes and displaced families which now blight our land. Not unlike the abuses and excess of the past which left the land’s inhabitants, my lineage, homeless and displaced. Now, today it’s corporate banks in bed with foreclosure mills who strip and gut what they were entrusted to conserve. How ironic it is to see a stage coach wagon on the letters I receive.

         “The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives.” Sioux proverb


It’s HAMP with WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE, FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORP i.e. FREDDIE MAC Attorneys Routh Crabtree and Olson-Northwest Trustee’s Inc.

I got mixed up in the HAMP Debacle after my ex of 28 years suddenly walked out while I was undergoing diagnostic tests for breast cancer. He cut the med insurance off and stopped making the house payment as ordered by the court 

I made all HAMP payments, requirements; even payments between three Trial Payment Periods. I followed WFHM instructions to hold off further payment until my loan mod was reprocessed again - for a 4th time! Paperwork “lost”

Then one morning a man knocked on my door. He said he bought it at auction 2 days ago. This is how I found out about the sale auction of my home for the first time. He hadn’t though... FHLMC auctioned it back to itself as a “Credit Bid”
I have contact records of over 200 + times; emails, UPS letters, phone, fax The “reason” I was dropped from HAMP and auctioning off my home? No paperwork....I think they used HAMP as a way to get me to do all the leg work to clear the way to foreclose and auction my home. They didn’t follow Idaho statutes to notify and so they are now saying, “Moreover, actual notice is not required were there is a showing that the debtor was aware of the foreclosure proceedings”

The Court granted them Summary Judgment.
I called Congressman’s Raul Labrador’s office which started an inquiry on my behalf to The Dept of Treasury., OCC, and FREDDIE MAC.

Then FED HOME LOAN MORTG CORP, i.e. FREDDIE MAC and their Attorneys, Routh Crabtree and Olson-Northwest Trustee’s Inc., filed to evict me.Now, Labrador’s office can’t get involved - it’s a “civil” matter now.

WFHM’s official response to Congressman Labrador’s inquiry?

A letter saying they had no contact for 10 months. IT’S AN OUT RIGHT LIE! They took my money! This is also the same time I was in HAMP 3 times!
I’m a Teacher’s Aid in Special ED and until all this; I was also a college student working toward my degree in Elementary/Special Ed. I had to quit school to fight this.

This situation has ruined my family, work, health, finances, education, and my spirit.
Please...will someone help me? My students call me "Miss Peggy"

i won't go down without a fight. i need your help.


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