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Wellington Region Muslim Community Petition regarding current IMAN Mismanagement

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The Wellington Region Muslim Community has tried for a long time to resolve the matters outlined below, by writing to the IMAN President and Management, raising their concerns and offering solutions. However, a pattern has formed of IMAN either ignoring the issues raised, or using avoidance tactics and bullying behavior to ‘shut down’ any legitimate queries; hence, the Community has lost confidence in IMAN and wish to raise a Petition to take the matter to the relevant authorities, ultimately, as a result of a loss of confidence, to remove the IMAN President and Management team.

The Wellington Region Muslim Community is raising this petition, specifically, as a result of the below:

1.            The Current President of IMAN did not follow the election process as per the IMAN constitution, specifically:

a)      did not follow section 4.4 of the constitution

b)      did not follow section 5.2 of the constitution

c)      did not adhere to requests to postpone the AGM and election and subsequently did not follow the rules of the constitution (Letter of request to stop the AGM was sent to IMAN by the Chairman of the Somali Community and ignored)

d)      The President set up a selection committee by himself, without consulting the community

e)      The President handpicked the people to be in the Shura Council to nominate and elect him to the position

f)       Only 13 registered IMAN members were present at the AGM, hence, there was no Quorum to either run the meeting, or elect the President. The register for membership is not published, nor disclosed

g)      Accounts Audit was not transparent and there was no proper accountability

 2.            As a result of the above-mentioned, we submit that the IMAN election is null and void, therefore, the IMAN President must step down and the Management be dis-banded and re-elected. We submit that an interim committee be appointed by the Wellington Region Community, to take over until a proper election is held. Further, with consultation, the community will take the opportunity to amend the Constitution to provide a structured process for disputes and policy around meetings which, is lacking at present

3.            We submit that the President of IMAN has abused his office and has significant conflicts of interest. Foremost being that he rents the IMAN property at 42 Daniel Street and runs a hostel, thus profiting from this venture. The Property now has 7 rooms, two of which were added without Wellington City Council (WCC) approval, to increase rental income. The additional rooms are illegal and IMAN is liable should this be drawn to WCC attention. The tenants have expressed concern that the President has closed the account used for rent deposits and has opened a new account. There is no transparency regarding where this rent goes. The premises are a health and safety concern also, with a significant rodent infestation. This does nothing for IMAN’s reputation. The entrance hall and garage have also been rented out, making the dwelling overcrowded. The property has only one bathroom with attached toilet and one separate toilet. This is a serious hygiene issue

4.            We submit that the President of IMAN may have unaddressed anger issues; the community has witnessed, on many occasions, where his fury has reached uncomfortable and dangerous levels. There are many cases where the community has gone to great lengths to protect IMAN’s reputation and prevent matters being taken to the Police

5.            The President and Vice-President were involved in publishing the private information of a Community member, who questioned their dubious management practices. They deliberately and maliciously tarnished the reputation of the person and subjected them to public ridicule. This is an abuse of office and not the correct way to handle a dispute or request for information

6.            We submit that the President is abusing his position to be build both income and a profile for himself, for personal gains and publicity. We submit that the President violates the wishes of members at private functions, disregards the hosts and hijacks events by inviting Ministers and the President of FIANZ to substantiate his image as a popular President

7.            The President of IMAN seems to have no respect for the Ulema and has, on many occasions, behaved disrespectfully towards the Ulema, raising his voice and dismissing them

Pertaining to the above allegations, the Wellington Regional Muslim Community believes the IMAN President and his Shura Council is not fit to hold office, nor is fit to be a part of FIANZ. Whilst this could have been solved through transparency and discussion, IMAN has not allowed this to happen. Therefore, the Community wishes to remove the President from his post(s) and disband the Shura Council. The Community will setup an interim committee via a Special General Meeting, until the Constitution is amended and a proper, democratic election can be conducted in due course. Insha’Allah, it is the community’s intention that our beloved scholar Sheikh be re-instated under the new management. – As a member of the community I have read and understood the above and I agree to sign the petition

Copy of the Constitution from link given below:


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