Better protection for kunanyi /Mt Wellington

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Statements from the Wellington Park Trust.

“Wellington Park is an outstanding mountain landscape, an iconic feature of the natural and cultural environment in South Eastern Tasmania and highly valued by the Tasmanian community.”

"Wellington Park Features a number of outstanding topographic landmarks such as.... the Organ Pipes."

"Ensure development does not compromise the aesthetic and natural landscape and historic cultural landscape values of the park".

These statements from the Wellington Park Trust sound good but as it currently stands, the mountain is at risk of being turned into a permanent monument to greed and commercial interests. 

The Mount Wellington Cable Way Company are progressing with their plans to send cable cars directly over the organ pipes to a massive building above the organ pipes. This is progressing with permission from the Wellington Park Trust.

The Trust doesn't hold public meetings and the Management Plan actually requires the Trust to seek National Heritage Listing for the park. 

We are calling on the Wellington Park Management Trust to;
1.       Conduct their meetings in public.  
2.       Prepare an application for National Heritage Listing for the organ pipes in the first instance. 
3.       Acknowledge that the management plan actually identifies the pinnacle as the least favorable location for visitor services and facilities. 
4.       Hold a public forum to explain how the Trust are implementing the management plan and why a cable car over the organ pipes to a building 40 times larger than what the management plan considers "acceptable" is being allowed to proceed at all.