Get N95's to Ontario hospitals

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It is proven that N95 masks, along with other PPE and sanitizers, reduces the risk of COVID-19 in health care workers. In a study posted on WDG Public Health website, it states that 0 workers out of 278 who wore N95 masks while providing care for positive patients were infected. TEN out of 213 who did not have masks were confirmed infected. 

It is disgusting that our province does not have enough Personal Protective Equiptment, specifically N95 Masks, to provide to the nurses, doctors and employees of hospitals and care facilities, to protect them and their families while they do their job they are obligated to do during this global pandemic.

A study out of China of 70,000 people infected found that only 4.6% of the general public were critically ill whereas 14.6% of Health care workers were critically ill. THIS IS POSTED ON THE WELLINGTON DUFFERIN GUELPH WEBSITE!

Speaking on behalf of nurses in Ontario, we are scared, we are stressed to the max, and we are beyond frustrated at the system. Our hospitals have to follow guidelines from public health. 

Please sign this petition if you believe us frontline workers deserve to protect ourselves and our families during this Global Pandemic. 

Thank you.