Approve Leased Land For Tiny Home Living In Wellington

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Already Wellingtonians with tiny portable homes have lobbied the Wellington City Council unsuccessfully to lease land available for living purposes. Other areas around Aotearoa have co-op communities living this way in small towns & cities such as Auckland & Christchurch, except Wellington. Alternative living is affordable and quite simply it is just too expensive to buy a house and to live in NZ, but for those of us who want to fulfill a basic need & to live a more fulfilling life without a mortgage and stress. The WCC needs to change their thinking, not only to cater for big businesses and private developers who build a limited number of homes and sell for as much as they can. We do need to stop being totally dependent on this idea for it won't ever build enough homes. Please support this petition by emailing info@wcc.govt nz The WCC needs to implement a housing policy that meets the needs of everyone in the community.