Wellcome: Stop Wrapping Our Produce In Plastic! 100,000 Signatures Needed! (+Cantonese)

Wellcome: Stop Wrapping Our Produce In Plastic! 100,000 Signatures Needed! (+Cantonese)

18 January 2017
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Wellcome (Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd.) and
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Started by Plastic-Free HK

The plastic pollution problem in Hong Kong and worldwide has reached horrendous levels, with our landfills coming close to capacity, our beaches being overrun with rubbish and our wildlife dying because of mistaking all of this waste for food.  And this is just what we can see on the surface.  Based on the research, it's pretty evident that our health is also being affected by the toxic nature of these plastics as it finds it's way into our soil and food chain.

One of the biggest culprits to this epidemic is the unnecessary and harmful act of wrapping every single piece of produce in our Hong Kong grocery stores in some form of plastic.  So many of us walk into these stores every single day and feel helpless because we DO NOT want to participate in the creation of more plastic waste, yet our resources for plastic-free produce, especially organic, are very limited.    

We are calling on the owner's of every single large grocery store chain in Hong Kong to stop the excessive and unnecessary use of plastic wrap and plastic containers for their produce.

I know petitions like this have happened in the past, but we need to keep making our voices heard until change comes!  Let's ROAR really loud with 100,000 signatures!  I believe in you Hong Kong.  We can make this happen together!   

香港的塑料污染已達到一個非常嚴重的地步。 香港的堆填區快已填滿, 大部分的海灘被垃圾覆蓋和不同的野生動物都受到我們人類造成的影 響。但是,這只是在表面上來看。實際上,透過不同的研究, 我們發現原來塑料含有毒性的物質。 這樣會好大機會進入土壤和食物鏈,影響我們的大自然。

在香港裏,大部分的產品包裝都是利用不同形式的塑料, 這樣是導致塑料污染的最大元素。 好多人都是因為購物的時候會不知不覺的利用膠袋和看見塑料類的產 品。 但是我們是想採取不同的方法來減少塑料的用量和推薦用有機產品的 包裝。

我們希望香港大型雜貨連鎖店停止不必要和過度塑料的用量。 我們只需要十萬人的簽名, 希望可以透過這個機會來減輕現在污染問題。 我相信你們一斑有善和關心現在香港社會的市民。 我們一起來改變香港吧!

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This petition had 66,721 supporters

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