Dain City, Welland residents requesting accountability on local issues not met or answered

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 Dain City,Welland residents requesting accountability on local issues  not met


Existing residents do not feel that their voices, issues and concerns have been heard nor have any solutions been sought out. 

Such as:

1)   Community saturation

2)   Sewage and Flooding

3)   Road Maintenance and Snow Removal

4)   Road Accessibility

5)   Utility Maintenance

6)   Alternate route and Emergency Access

7)   Wildlife Conservation

8)   Animal Carcass Removal

9)   Water quality and cleaning of pollutants from existing waterways

10)  Light Pollution and sound pollution

11)  Bridge maintenance for existing residence

12)  Respectable communication for city planned local events with existing residence

13) Carbon and environmental footprint

14) Others.