Stop Using Non- Durable Plastic Utensils

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6 Million Tons of Single-Use Plastics Get Thrown Out Every Year! Here's How You Can Stop This Waste

How many times did you eat a plastic-wrapped packet of plastic utensils? (Say that five times fast!) Or you brought your lunch to work (high five!) But left your handy dandy metal utensils at home, so you're forced to use the plastic forks and knives from your office's drawers?

Plastic forks, knives and spoons may be convenient, but they are writing havoc on our oceans. In fact, six million tones of non-durable plastics are discarded every year. "Unsustainable" means that the plastic has a useful life of less than three years. Other examples of non-durable plastics include plastic packaging, trash bags, cups, and more.

 Did you know that, every year, 6 million tons of nondurable Plastics like spoons, forks, and knives are discarded?

These plastics are put around 700 marine species in danger of extinction due to the threat of plastic poses to them from entanglement, pollution, and ingestion. Every year, 300 million tons of plastic materials come into circulation - be it in the form of plastic packaging, utensils, containers, bags, or even clothing. While it is simply not enough. In fact, 85 percent of the world's plastic is not recycled. That means it's to landfills. But that's not where it stays.

Where does it end up? The ocean. A recent study found that as much as 80 percent of the trash that ends up in the oceans comes from land-based sources and nearly 90 percent of that is plastic. This totals out to 8.8 million shades of plastic that make them away to the water every single year. Seems like recycling may not be the answer to the unsustainable recycling conundrum; rather, a major reduction of our consumption must happen ... now.

So what do we do? Refuse plastic utensils, and use your own reusable utensils! Before heading out the door, just throw a fork or spoon in your purse. Some companies even make pocket utensil sets to carry around! It's that easy. And if anyone questions why you have a fork in your bag, just tell them you're doing it to save the lives of millions of marine animals. Maybe they'll be inspired to do the same!

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