Demand Action From Weld County Officials

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At 5406 West F St, Greeley, CO 80631 there are at least 24 animals being subjected to starvation and torture. The tenant of this property, Halina Morley, has had animals and children removed from her care previously and yet is still able to keep these animals in a dirty pen, littered with discarded wood, broken glass, and decaying carcasses. The tenant of the property has yet to face any kind of criminal charges because Weld County officials deemed the conditions fine for farm animals. 
“Despite confirming at least 7 dead animals at varying stages of decomposition were inside the enclosure, officers were unable to find evidence to support criminal charges. On Friday, officers met with the owner of the animals to seek consent to have a necropsy performed on one of the dead animals, but she declined. Probable cause for a search warrant could not be established.” - The Greeley Tribune. 
In addition to the dead animals in various stages of decay, the living farm animals have no access to food, water, shelter, or any way to keep themselves warm in the face of the hard temperature drops Colorado has been experiencing and will continue to experience. The scene has been described as harrowing, including pot-bellied pigs emaciated to the point of seeing each vertebrae on their backs, piglets huddling together in below freezing temperatures in an attempt to keep warm, sheep and goats with collars that are too tight, body parts tied to fencing, and a very sick dog.  
This is bringing to light the very obvious non-existent laws in place to protect livestock from living lives of torture, abuse, and neglect.
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