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Welcome Children or Corpses?

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An Educator's Plea

I believe that quality education can bring positive changes in the society and lots of emphasis has to be given especially to preschool education when children are in their formative ages.But quality education  and care for the age groups of 1-6years is least provided and forgotten in India.

Montessori way of education is proven to be one of the best in the overall development of children.With this aim I decided to bring some change in the lives of children around me and attended AMI teacher training course in Navadisha Montessori Foundation, Chennai.As I evolved over the years - from a Management Graduate to a Financial advisor , Radio jockey and  to finally  a mother and an educator, it can be said that my choice to serve children came from the realisation that only children can change the world and it is the child who grows to become an adult!

 Having understood how beautiful education can create beautiful minds I earnestly wish to contribute to the society by being an educator and start a Montessori School ( and in future bring an AMI Affiliated training center) in Pullannicode area of Varkala, Kerala state .Our state is yet to have an AMI affiliated training centre. We have the required land and all facilities  required .

Unfortunately the move by another landowner to sell his land  and bring a muncipal crematorium next to the said area is a blow to the plan.It is painful to inform that the land for strictly private approach road to this site was granted by my father 2 years  ago with good intentions.

There are more than a 100 families - from all walks of life- who are permanently staying in the vicinity and will be directly affected.The pollution that the crematorium can cause will lead to health issues for the residents.The effects of cremating rotten bodies could be more harmful than those of cremating bodies by the conventional method without any delay.Ash could settle down in the nearby homes.Smoke emanating from crematorium situated amid residential buildings in the locality could make life difficult for the residents.

Many of these families are economically not well off and earns their daily bread with much difficulty.The arable lands closer to the proposed site of crematorium belongs to NRIs who have toiled their lives abroad and bought the land saving their hard earned cash.

When there are enough remote locations in Varkala Taluk with less population density ,it is questionable why a location close to densely populated area is chosen.

The move to bring the crematorium was kept in dark and none of the residents were aware of it.The ulterior motives of few are causing a big problem to the local people.The proposed land for crematorium does not have a public road access or legally permitted access through the private road nearby and is already strewn in pending court cases and legal dispute for some other reason for couple of years.The council members in the muncipality were not involved , consulted or informed of the decision to have crematorium, but the papers have reached the collectorate for assessing the fair value of the said property! This is how and where the govt. looses out its precious funds that would otherwise be utilised for good causes! We need to read between the lines here!

We all would have benefitted IF all GOOD CAUSES were also supported and moved at the speed of lightening like this!

If the crematorium is dropped ,the area will continue to have healthy living atmosphere,unpolluted air ,water etc and in future a  world class school that follows internationally accepted and renowned teaching philosophy, quality teachers and responsible citizens- A school where children grow and evolve as caring , responsible and great minded beings..It could be a development we look forward to see. This could catapult further progress in and around the area.

If the crematorium comes, the cremation of the hope of future developments in Pullannicode can happen!Future Development of the area is at stake!It will be a huge loss to the community and the people here. Kindly support the petition and curb the move to build the crematorium in 5th ward of Varkala taluk.If not us who and if not now when?

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