Petition update

Part 1 - "Without Prejudice" The President Barack Obama of the United State

Col Jon Ross
London England, CA

May 25, 2012 — 'From a Sworn Affidavit'
Barack Obama
President of the United States
Washington D.C.
Dear Mr.President,
Please be advised, the facebook friends coalition are preparing a legal petition and are heading to Supreme Court to shut down HAARP, high frequency active auroral research project.
We ask you to recognize and give us the same support as you give the American People and your own Presidential Commission Investigation, with Dr.Amy Guttman. We have gathered the evidence, proof, expert witnesses and scientific research to make our legal submissions before the High Court of London, Supreme Court and to the U.S. Congress.

"We The People" are using the Rule of Law to show the world, our rights are being violated by the mere existence of HAARP in Alaska and other HAARP installations around the world.


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