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Part 2 - "Without Prejudice" The President Barack Obama of the United State

Col Jon Ross
London England, CA

May 25, 2012 — We have also determined there are additional defendants to the HAARP installations,its U.S. Government Employees,Contractors and Co-Defendants including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Secret Intelligent's Service,
The Canadian Government has a 60 year relationship with the CIA using MK-Ultra,V2-K,Micro Wave,Directed Energy Weapons,Mind Control and HAARP.
Mr.President,you only have to watch this video to know the RCMP are criminally insane,
What kind of Animal Tortures a Child with a Taser?
1 million f f c members are committed to Law&Order, the Rule of Law and shutting down HAARP.
Best Regards,
The f f c, "Injustice Never Rules Forever."
Registered Mail and Express
E-Mail Service April 20, 2011


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