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Col Jon Ross
London England, CA

May 24, 2012 — Today, HAARP weaponry technology is not only being attributed to triggering volcanos and earthquakes, including Japan’s quake on March 11, but also to targeting individuals. Following Targeted Individuals’ recent statements presented to President Obama through his appointed Bioethics Committee, a human rights defender led coalition has written to the president, from a sworn affidavit, advising a legal petition is being prepared with intention to close the HAARP facility due to its involvement in violating human rights, to target innocent individuals with pinpoint accuracy. HAARP is Targeted Individuals.

President Obama authorized targeted killings of individuals not involved in traditional war field, “non-combatants.” In a related ‘locate and assassinate’ action, in March, Obama signed a one-year extension of three sections of the USA PATRIOT ACT that moved through Congress without any new limits on measures that many said were necessary to safeguard American civil liberties.


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