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How Should You Use Protein Shakes for Weight Loss?

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If the numerous positive reviews on protein shakes are anything to go by, then there is no doubt that these shakes work when it comes to weight loss. The good thing is that there are many brands available and protein sources range from whey to pea and more. This can only mean that everyone including strict vegetarians have more than enough protein shakes to choose from.
While it is true that protein shakes for weight loss work, you have to use them right if you want to lose weight. Below are four ways you can use protein shakes to help you get rid of all the extra weight you have been trying to lose for ages.

Replace Meals Daily
Most of our meals today are packed with calories and it is no wonder that many of us work hard but never see any tangible results. For you to lose weight you have to significantly reduce your caloric intake and there is no better way to do this than to replace a meal or two every day with a protein shake. 

Two shakes is the maximum per day and you can have a healthy meal at dinner. Ensure that your protein shake remains low in calories by choosing a low-calorie beverage if your shake comes in powder form. If you are consistent, you will see great results in a matter of weeks. Once you get to your ideal weight you can still replace a meal a day to ensure that your caloric intake still remains low.

Use before a workout for fuel 
You need to be well-energized during your workout otherwise you will not give it your all. This is especially true if you work out at the end of a tiring day in the office. A protein shake during your workout can make all the difference and ensure that you have adequate energy to take you through the end of your workout.

A pre-workout shake is best taken about 30 minutes before the start of your workout. This allows enough time for it to kick into your system. If you are feeling tired and are thinking of ditching your workout for the day, try a protein shake. As long as the shake is high in quality you will feel energized enough to start and complete your workout just like you had planned.

Use after a workout for muscle recovery
It is true that muscle does not grow in the gym; the growth happens after the workout. Muscle growth is only possible with the right recovery. Even accumulated muscle needs proper recovery after working out and proper nutrition is part of this recovery process.

Protein shakes for weight loss are ideal after workouts for different reasons. For one, these shakes are packed with proteins that are vital for muscle growth and repair. About 30 grams of proteins are needed after working out and many shakes in the market provide something close to this. These shakes are also easy to digest and it will take the body less than one hour to start enjoying the shake goodness. This is in addition to the fact that the shakes are easy to prepare and require minimal if any clean up after. They are, therefore, ideal even when your schedule is tight and have no time for a meal after a workout.

In place of unhealthy meals on-the-go
One unhealthy meal can set you back a few steps and this can have a devastating effect on your weight loss. Even when you try to eat healthy, getting a healthy meal on-the-go can be tough. That is where protein shakes come in. A single shake can deliver the energy you need to keep you going for a few hours and the good thing is that these shakes come without the empty calories you find in fast foods.

You can choose to buy a ready-to-drink protein shake. You can also choose to take a scoop of the protein shake powder and mix with water or any other low-calorie beverage of choice. The ready-to-drink shakes are quite convenient while the protein powders are versatile and you can make different shakes using the same protein powder. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that protein shakes for weight loss are a better choice if you want to keep the hunger pangs away and nourish your body with a variety of essential nutrients. 

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