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This is a friendly petition asking Wegman's Consumer Affairs to provide good nutritional diets for our canine friends to prevent health issues in their digestive systems and prevent bloating which is a killer for canines if the ingredients contain fat in the first 4 ingredients.
Wegmans just removed a 4 star rating dry dog food "Harmony Farms" with all good quality ingredients and for the price for those within a discret budget is excellent to still give their beloved pet a quality diet, I was told by consumers affairs that the manufacturer discontinued the product which they currectly replaced with "Evolve" which is 4 star rated.
We are just asking Wegmans if the can supply their customers with a higher quality ingredients in their dog food that will match the 4 star rating of Harmony Farms and just like the new brand just added labeled "Evolved" which also has a 4 star rating out of 5 stars per which rates all dog on the market and follow the AFFCO guidelines.
Lower end quality contribute to many digestive issues especially in puppies and we trust Wegmans that they can do their best to provide better quality food for our canine family members and relieve our local veternarians from having to deal with the issues that are contributed by poor quality dog food.

We love Wegmans and we would like that they meet their commitment that "Everyday You Get Our Best" with providing the same commitment for our canine friends, please don't exclude them from excellent quality food. 
We all love Wegman's and you have our loyal consumer support.
Thank you for your excellent 5 Star excellent customer service.
We thank Wegmans for their concerns and know they will do their best so we get their best for canine companions.

Letter to
Senior Vice President For Consumer Affairs Wegmans Supermarket Consumer Affairs.
We supporters and members of K9 Partners Of Monroe County would like to address the concern of better quality dog food products at Wegmans.
One main concern is good nutrient because of canines importance of good digestive health because a dog in pain is a aggressive dog which we are trying to avoid as well for the safety of the community.
I went to the dog food department and noticed that the store removed the Harmony Farms Dry and can food products and this product has a 4 Star rating out of 5 on which puts out reports all all dog food and they post recalls as they happen, their findings are taken into consideration with AFFCO guidelines.
Most of your dry food are not as nutritional and yet you take the best out of all of them off the shelves which sold out fast cause you slashed the price on it.
The other good ones that I saw was Rachael Ray Dry, Paul Newman's can, Grandma's Casserole can, there was 1 more with Iams brand.
For starters any dry pet food that has fat in the 1st 4 ingredients contributes to bloating and is a killer in dogs because bloating occurs as the stomach rotates in the dog
Our 9000 supporters love Wegmans and as you commit to consumers that "Everyday You Get Our Best" consumers also want the very best for their pets.
We as consumers love Wegmans and will continue to be your loyal customers, we thank you for your 5 star customer service and the personal care you take for your customers.

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