Marley demoted from mod position

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Marley's reign of terror has continued for too long, today as a community we raise our voice in resistance to her abuse of power.
At 1 am 3 vets and one cooler coolio were muted simultaneously, without a truly just reason.  Their reason for being muted was "Spamming Copypastas" When all that was sent was a one-line message. 
Marley injustice extends beyond this:

  • She has muted a white name for @ing everyone when it has no effect on the server.
  • She has muted people for spam in the coolios text channel when directed to by admins, even after being shown photo evidence.
  •  She muted a coolio for "RPing" When only 3 joke lines of obviously ironic RP were posted.
  • She muted somebody for saying "The N-word" in an obviously ironic manner, even though it is stated in the rules that such an occurrence is allowed.
  • She has muted ex-staff and popular server member "Jojo" for reasons that she won't disclose, despite what is public pointing towards Jojo being 100% innocent 

These bullet points don't even begin to describe the long-term damage that is being caused to the server. Her constant muting of various active member "kills" general chat at times due to the lack of members being able to send messages. 

Overall the goal of this petition is to get Marley demoted, and we, the Wakandans hope others agree with this movement. 


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