Financial assistance for University students undertaking rostered practice.

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Thousands of University students, each year, embark on demanding clinical placements to further their skills and learning in their chosen fields. The hours required to successfully complete their degrees are physically, emotionally and financially demanding, with students required to take time off work, quit their jobs, and spend many hours away from their families. These students need to be better supported during their practical placements with a weekly allowance to help ease the burden of living expenses whilst they are unable to work. The mental health of many students declines significantly during the times of practical placements due to increased levels of stress. 

Many students are not eligible for any Centrelink Benefits, adding to the stresses of trying to work whilst on clinical rostered practice. 

Please sign the petition if you agree that University students undertaking practical placements should be eligible to receive a weekly allowance or additional funding (tiered to their practical hours required) to better support their financial demands whilst studying.