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Webzen Customer Service.. who's being served?

This petition is being derived from the inadequate customer support, that we do not receive. We have many issues regarding the game(s) with many problems such as login issues, and server malfunctions closed forums for 5 months (which recently just opened.)
WEBZEN testifies it has become a leader in the MMOG market and has developed one of the worlds top online games and client/server technologies. ( there are daily log in issues and webstarter issues where people can not log in all day , sometimes never and receive no direct customer support or the servers are just plain slow)
An example of this would be in early 2011 players announce a log in authentication problem where people are re-directed to some one else's account , dishonest players delete high lvl characters and/or accounts , or steal items. Players still have not received adequate customer service on this issue.
Some of these players have spent 100's of dollars on their online characters and to have their characters/items deleted or stolen and receive no investigation or support into the matter , To this day Webzen has never even addressed this issue on a compensation level , although they have tried to fix the error it still happens but not as often as it used to.

With the small amount of customer service that we receive, many issues are being left unresolved.

In Summary there are many issues that need to be resolved. Statements have been made stating that there would be and increase in customer support yet no significant attempt has been made.

For dedicated players, customer support is very important. Many users have closed accounts or stopped playing because they do no receive the customer support that they deserve.

Help the people investing time and money and join our cause.

Letter to
Tony Kim , Chang Keun Kim ,CEO
Yanghun Kim
I just signed the following petition addressed to: , Chang Keun Kim, CEO.


We are online gamers that are not receiving consistent customer support, from your direct inquiries , or through forums. There has been articles published on line stating that would be focusing on Customer support. We have yet to receive any significant change with the service.

January 17, 2011
Tony Kim, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN Inc. said We announced the major update plans in 2011, and we also prepared even more updates besides the dates we announced.

He added We will provide Archlord gamer with various game contents and focus on Customer Service.
article located here:

January 27, 2012
The Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games, has recently renovated their global portal website according to their slogan where they will become a user focused portal by providing new and improved customer service.
article located here:

WEBZEN prides themselves on the fact that they have over 56 million online players, and these players at some time or another need customer service assistance. However, the online Customer Service does not meet the expectations of these players.

WEBZEN also receives monies from online players through the W Coin purchases. With constant login issues, and server downtime/malfunctions, players are inadequately compensated for their purchases.

We write to request that we receive better customer support and login issues be dealt with accordingly to the promises made in the articles listed above.

We also request for Archlord to have character issues and have players accounts/characters reinstated due to the login authentication issue, where players have been directed to the wrong account. Where they have had items stolen, and accounts/characters deleted.
An adequate Fix/update the Archlord character to become the most powerful,like it was meant to be,updates that could be made to it are:
・ increased Health points
・ increased Damage on skills
・ increased stats on armor
・ increased stats on Archlord protectors armor

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