Change the spelling of 'weDnesday' to 'Wensday'

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Of all the days of the week, there is one which stands out the most. 
The pronunciations of the week all follow their spelling, bar one. We'd'nesday is the one day of the week which is pronounced differently then how it is spelt. 

This spelling of this absurd and disgusting word has managed to sneak in and infiltrate the minds of us all. The spelling of Wednesday must be changed, for my sake and for yours! For the love of all that is holy, can you please think of the children! 

The English language is already so nonsensical as it is, so why not contribute to make it a little bit better. Sign our permission and for once in your life make a change that will stand the test of time! Help us change the spelling of 'Wednesday' to 'Wensday', hell even 'Whensday' would be a better substitute.

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