No more Skin Bleaching

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Skin bleaching is a big issue for many African countries, in the past 10 years it has cause a great number of havoc and irreparable skin and general health problems.

Many African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal have tried to restrain the importantion and use of these products through laws, but yet these products still find their way in the coutries from companies based in Europe, USA and China. Some of these companies have started local production as well and it's a business of billions of dollars every year.

Women, men, young ones and even children are affected, yes children! Because parents are using these dangerous bleaching creams on their infants in order to keep them fair, ignoring the consequences they'll make their kids face in future.

If these companies do not have clients any more, will they still sell these dangerous products or will they change products?

The aim is to tackle the single people, the current clients, by informing them of the dangers of using these creams and most especially restoring their self love and self esteem. We want to do that:

 - by organising rallies in most of the capital cities, starting from west Africa: Abuja, Accra and Dakar spreading to the rest of the continent.

- By renting billboards in the capital cities which will show the beauty of all skin tones with a major focus on darker skin tones.

- By involving prominent influencers ( bloggers, influencers etc) to join the campaign and share posts regarding the issue on their social platforms. 

- By showing better ways to take care of a skin focusing much more on its health than tone.

- Sharing informative posts on existing and active pages ( Natural, Black and Beautiful , African Fashion Wear, CloJae) and groups ( Mothers, Kids and More - African Fashion Wear Group) that has aproximately 600.000 members ( majority Africans or blacks) with over 3 million views/engagement a month.

We are a group of African women living across the globe ( USA, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Ghna, South Africa) who want to ChangeAfrica one step at a time.

Help us in this mission.